Hey there!

I'm Santiago Palladino, a software developer and engineering manager from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I started coding professionally 18 years ago, and have been in the Ethereum development space for the past 6 years.

Here you can find my writings, plus some of my talks and experiments. To stay up to date on what I'm up to, follow me on Twitter, Polywork, or Github.

How ZKP's change development paradigms

Podcast episode in the Over Abstraction series. We covered what we are building at Aztec, ramblings about Zero Knowledge proofs, and war stories from OpenZeppelin.

Being a responsible multisig signer (Verify, don't trust!)

Lightning talk for end-users on how to understand the consequences of a multisig transaction before signing it.

Building the infrastructure for secure web3 operations

An overview of the state of the art, problems, and possible solutions in web3 operations: integration testing, deployment, administration, automation, and monitoring.

Hiring and onboarding for blockchain and security

Conversation with Kuba Kucharski from The DevTeam project on the unique challenges of building and leading remote teams for secure blockchain development.

Comparing languages for writing zero-knowledge proofs

Learn and compare general-purpose zero-knowledge languages (Circom, Halo2, and Noir) by writing a circuit for the same problem in all of them.

An automated smart contract deployment pipeline

A proof of concept for a smart contract deployment pipeline using Github Actions, Hardhat, and Defender. Steps include build, test, deployment, verification, and post-deploy.

Solidity underhanded decentralized exchange

Submission to the Solidity Underhanded contest 2022. The challenge was to build a decentralized exchange that hid a flaw in plain sight. Won 2nd place in the contest.

Storage-free smart contract upgrade pattern

Proof of concept for a delegatecall proxy upgrade pattern for Ethereum smart contracts, that does not require storage usage. Inspired by the Dharma beacon pattern by @0age, CREATE2-based upgrades by @carver, storage hacks by @Agusx1211, and blue-green deployments by Martin Fowler.


Ethereum for Web Developers

| Apress

A book written for web developers who want to jump into the web3 space. The book assumes knowledge in building web applications, and introduces general concepts about blockchains and smart contracts, to then focus on building of decentralized apps.

Highlighted articles

A beginner's intro to coding zero-knowledge proofs

An introduction to coding and using zero-knowledge proofs, using Circom, Halo2, and Noir.

A look into formal verification of smart contracts using Certora

A personal overview of how smart contract formal verification works using Certora.

A case for secure web3 operations

Thoughts on the need for secure operations and processes in the Ethereum space, including testing, deployment, administration, automation, and monitoring.

The State of Smart Contract Upgrades in 2020

A survey of the different Ethereum smart contract upgrade patterns and strategies from a technical viewpoint, plus a set of good practices and recommendations for upgrades management and governance.

Nestor en blockchain

A people-friendly article on how bitcoin and blockchains work, written for a popular latin american science popularization blog.

Modelling graph coloring with integer linear programming

How to use integer linear programming to solve the NP-complete graph coloring problem. Written in the context of my master's thesis.